New automotive safety technology: Airbags Jump Belt

The world of airbags is rapidly changing as technology expands to develop new forms of safety restraints. Similar to Nascar and the racing five point harness restrain system, the airbags jump belt technology forms around the passengers shoulders, neck, and head to prevent whiplash. Keeping the occupant stuck in the seat similar to a roller coaster harness, the airbags jump belt may possibly be the best advancement in airbag technology of all time. When a wreck occurs, you need to prevent the forces of inertia with out harming the occupant.

The technology developed so far does this successfully, but it still allows the occupants to move forward a various amount of distance. This moving forward motion still creates forces strong enough to break bones, bruise, and possibly kill some occupants during high speed crashes. Will airbags jump belt be the savior of the crash? Maybe. Watching the film below you can see how these new airbags function via CGI. CGI testing is more than just creating models, it is also used to simulate real world conditions with out running real world tests

CGI testing cuts down on the cost of inventing, and in turn leads to a faster paced invention schedule. Since the introducing of computer aided design in various manufacturing processes, we have nearly tripled our capacity to invent new products. Airbags and vehicular safety is a key aspect of automotive manufacturing and the insurance world. With these new airbags preventing inertia strain and force, it's possible that insurance rates could be lowered due to less people getting hurt in automobiles.

Overall, this technology is very new and there is minimal information available. However, just like Ford's seat belt airbag was once a CGI, this new technology "Airbags jump belt" is bound to be tested and possibly approved. Look for this new technology in the coming year to appear in your modern vehicle. If CGI tests are right, this airbag could possible save thousands of lives and millions of insurance dollars.

Video content: Airbags jump belt, a new airbag technology

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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