Tuned Corvette ZR1 by Late Model Racecraft

A modified Corvette ZR1 by Late Model Racecraft made 750 rear wheel horsepower while running only 15 pounds of boost and pump gas. By using 93 octane, this daily driver ZR1 was able to accomplish massive numbers of 750 horsepower and 740 foot pounds of torque at the rear wheels. Not any easy task to generate such power from minimal mods, the miracle is in the tune. Using the "Reaper" package by Late Model Racecraft, owners of the Corvette ZR1 are able to reach staggering power numbers and still be considered a safe daily driver. Anyone can make big power, but to make that power daily driven is a magnificent achievement.

LMR also is the maker of the Slayer package for the 2010 Camaro that we previously discussed. When it comes to GM performance, Late Model Racecraft is doing big things! First, the Slayer package which featured bolt-ons and some custom grind work to produce enough power to smear a Dodge Viper, and now they have made a killer package for the ZR1 that goes by the name "Reaper". The package for the ZR1 isn't published on their site yet, but according to LS1Tech.com it features a custom grind cam, ported and polished heads, titanium intake valves, Manley double valve springs, and titanium retainers. It also features 400 cfm massive flowing heads with a .650 lift duration. Amazing! Enjoy the following glimpse into a dyno session as LMR history was made.

Video content: Modified Corvette ZR1 makes big power

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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