Classic cars wrecked! Three car hotrod pile up

Normally, a three car fender bender style pile up is no big problem. Police are called, tickets are issued, insurance is contacted, and that's basically the end of it. However, when you have three classic cars involved things tend to get a little heated. It's unknown exactly what caused this three car pile up of classic art, but the outcome is pretty obvious. Original parts, dreams, and the sanctity of being wreck free is all taken away from these classic cars. It's a good thing most of the parts destroyed here can be replaced by replicas, but if they were original then all is lost and can never be replaced.

I found this video on the blog posted by my fellow contributor, Brian Lohnes from and felt it should be posted here as well. Watching the clip, you can get a good estimate of what's been really damaged. Don't listen to the commentary on this video, it's a bit exaggerated at a cool $1,000,000 USD. However, I'm sure the bill is well into the thousands especially if you consider the loss of original parts and the reflection on the market for those specific parts. To my tally, the following parts will need to be replaced: Front bumper, headlights, grill, hood, and lower lip of the first two cars; rear bumper, tail lights, and rear deck lid of all three vehicles. What did we learn today? When riding in packs, it's easy to get distracted and cause a pile up. Always ride alert!

Video content: Classic cars wrecked! Three car hotrod pile up

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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