Mitsubishi Eclipse on 28 inch rims!

Using a Mitsubishi Eclipse on 28 inch rims, this is the world's first donked ricer and literally the world's biggest ricer. It looks like a toy car at first, but don't let it's rice fool you; this is a real vehicle. Rice comes in many forms, and this is one that is really borderline. The quality of the build appears to be true, but even the highest quality builds can turn rice. What made this one go from donk to donked rice? As soon as you see the interior, you'll understand. Outfitted with the typical ricer interior pieces, this Eclipse has successfully combined the world of rice and donk into one chaotic array of product placement. "I'll take my rice donked in chrome please."

Custom painted body kit and exterior compliments the vehicle, but it doesn't cure the ailments of rice. Do you really need a body kit when the car sits nearly three feet off the ground? I would think those pieces become more lift than down force at those heights. Regardless of how ricey it may be, or how most people will think it's atrocious; I find a beauty in vehicles like this mainly due to their creativity. We need not hate, but appreciate! Maybe donking JDM's is a new fad, like an American form of Bozokua? What do you think about this radical design? Comment below and discuss this article with!

Video content: Mitsubishi Eclipse on 28 inch rims!

Who is the owner of this masterpiece? Watch the interview here.
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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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