Corvette crashes through Papa Johns!

Sometimes, you just can't wait for your pizza. It's unknown the surrounding circumstances of this accident, but it's safe to say this classic Corvette crashing through a Papa John's pizza building really wanted his pizza now! Maybe the delivery guy was taking too long? Whatever the cause, the outcome is still the same. A C3 Corvette is now a semi-permanent attraction at the local pizza joint. Based on the looks of the road, the Corvette was probably speeding, lost control, and ended up sliding face first into this poor Papa John's restaurant!

"I'll take a large cheese pizza, with a side of Corvette please."

Thanks to our amateur YouTube video reporter, we get to see first hand the destruction a C3 can cause when driven in a careless manner. It looks like he had some serious speed built up too, as the Corvette is more than 50% inside of the building. Pushing through the window and it's frames, it's amazing that the Corvette is still in recognizable shape. One would think a wreck like this would destroy a vehicle, but not the C3 Corvette!

The C3 was one of the more popular vehicles of the Corvette lineage. Production of these vehicles started in 1968 and was produced until 1982. It was the iconic Corvette of the 1970's, appearing in many cheap adult flicks and Hollywood productions alike. Equipped with a 350, 427, or 450 V8, the C3 produced power levels ranging from 300 to 500 horsepower at the crank. Needless to say, this Corvette has plenty of power to plow through a storefront and cause major disaster. Enjoy the following rare footage of a classic C3 Corvette destroying a Papa John's restaurant!

Video content: classic Corvette crashes through Papa John's

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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