Corvette FAIL: snowbound glory turns ugly

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would share with you this cult classic Corvette film. Stuck in the snowy winter of 2006, this C5 Corvette struggles to make it even a foot down the road. Rear wheel drive and wide tires does not make for good traction in the snow! Slipping and sliding, the Corvette desperately tries to gain traction. Even the highest RPM can't hold the road, and the car basically sits stationary as the tires spin freely through the ice. The only movement the vehicle makes is with the gradient of the road. Corvette's are awesome cars when they can actually grab pavement!

A couple of help from local hands gets the Corvette moving. Once it gets going, it again slides with the roads gradient into yet another sticky situation. These vehicles may have been built in Detroit, but they were not designed with winters in mind at all. The best place for a Corvette during the winter is tightly snuggled away in a garage under a car cover. Staying away from the elements, you can protect your Corvette from salt initiated rusting and extend the life of your chassis indefinitely. Corvette's are a collectors piece, it is best to let them hibernate during the winter otherwise this happens!

Video content: Corvette stuck in the snow

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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