Porsche 9FF TR-1000 maximum speed testing

The latest addition from Porsche top speed technology is the 9FF TR-1000. Reaching a maximum top speed of 243.39 mph, you can rest assured Porsche has put some major performance engineering into this vehicle. A sleek, aerodynamic design allows the vehicle to catapult itself well into the renown 200 mph barrier. Successfully joining the club, this vehicle is direct competition for the likes of Bugatti Veyron, with a top speed just a few mph under the W16 monster. Will Porsche be able to accomplish the unthinkable and beat the Veyron's top speed? With future advancements and modifications to the 9FF TR-1000 it is very likely.

What makes the Porsche 9FF TR-1000 capable of such high speed? Over 1,000 horsepower of pure Porsche excitement is released from it's four liter boxer engine. Multiple placed intercoolers keep the air charge out of the detonation zone. Longer gears and increased aerodynamics compared to the standard 9FF model allow the TR-1000 variation to satisfy the customer base who loves heart pounding top speeds. Adrenaline junkies alike, the TR-1000 brings Porsche into another market. Typically Porsche through out the years wasn't concerned with top speeds, and mainly focused on shorter gearing with unmatched track performance. Watch the video below as the Porsche 9FF TR-1000 reaches 243.39 mph on a dyno track!

Video content: Porsche 9FF TR-1000 top speed at 243.39 mph

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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