Corvette ZR1 vs. Ford GT

The race between American legends Corvette ZR1 and the infamous Ford GT has an interesting twist at the end. The Ford GT is heavily modified and features 1100 horsepower while the Corvette ZR1 is slightly modified and only possesses 720 horsepower. The ability to launch is owned by the ZR1 by a very large margin, but the Ford GT rules the top speed race out of sheer power. The race begins by the ZR1 establishing a very good lead. After 5th gear, the Ford GT's horsepower and torque advantage overpowers the ZR1 for the victory. We can learn a lot about each vehicle by watching the footage of this race.

For launch factor, the ZR1 is worlds better than the Ford GT. Basically, the GT just has too much power and can't grip like the ZR1. The chassis design of the Corvette combined with rear mounted transmission and unique traction control system gives the ZR1 a launching advantage. Most races will occur within zero to one hundred miles per hour. If these two vehicles are racing within these areas from a dead stop, the ZR1 will abolish the GT. However, if the race is over 100 mph or from a rolling start, the Ford GT's power advantage will shine brightly.

The Ford GT's power plus aerodynamic advantage allows it to catapult ahead of the ZR1 once crossing over the infamous 65 mph wind resistance point. The boxy design of the Corvette plus it's lack of power compared to the Ford GT is futile against the Ford's engineering geared towards top speed performance. The mid engine setup of the GT allows it the ultimate triangular shaped nose for increased aerodynamics, better handling, and ultimate crash resistance in top speed territory. Overall, the Corvette does an excellent job of out launching the high powered Ford GT, while the Ford GT lays the law when it comes to top speed.

Video content: Corvette ZR1 races Ford GT

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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