Turbocharged Yugo goes drifting!

The Zastava Koral, or better known simply as Yugo in stock form is not designed for racing or drifting. However, with some performance modifications and a BMW engine swap it can hang with the best. The following video features a Yugo with a BMW 3.5 inline six cylinder, turbocharged with intercooler built by Vraphce Racing Team. Not much is known about the Yugo, except that it was a vehicle used for mockery to show during the cold war how poor the craftsmanship is from the Soviet Union. No longer under extremist control, the Yugo is now simply known as a vehicle ideal for high performance modifications with an exotic twist. Not many builders choose the Yugo as a platform, but those that do reap the rewards.

The team decided that one turbo was not enough, and decided to upgrade to a twin turbo setup. Now boosting twice the fun, the Yugo 325 swap is a very potent performance vehicle! Not so much eye appealing as functional, this small compact packs more punch than home brewed Russian vodka. Not all Yugo's are as fortunate as the Vrapche Yugo. Most found their way to junk yards via the rusty express. Not exactly a perfect vehicle, the Yugo was still a prominent figure in automotive history. Watch the video below and see the modified Yugo knocking out awesome quarter mile times!

Video content: Turbo Yugo racing and doing burnouts

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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