Dumb driver leaves with gas station pump still attached

The Chevrolet Cobalt is a sporty car that can be used for autocross, racing, and more. However, when the vehicle is driven with a gas pump still attached, it's nothing more than a ticking time bomb of mockery and potential danger. The story is unknown how this happened, but chances are that the driver simply forgot to remove the pump from the vehicle. Driving away and ripping the gas pump nozzle from the pump unit, the Cobalt was spotted by a fellow sports car enthusiast in a Trans Am. Caught on tape for the laughter and pleasure of the internet, this video was posted on YouTube for all to see.

Let this be a lesson in pumping gas. When you are finished with the pump, put it back on the hanger before driving off. Letting a pump dangle like that is extremely dangerous because the lines are steel braided, and dangling around on the pavement as you travel can cause sparks. Remember, it's the fumes of gasoline that burn and not the liquid. The fumes escaping from the tank thanks to a nozzle still sticking in the opening can cause a fire, and lead to your vehicle exploding. Luckily, this driver didn't happen to explode and was just caught on tape for mockery. Let this be a lesson Cobalt driver, now you have been dunced on YouTube for this silly mistake. Doh!

Video content: Cobalt driven with gas pump still attached

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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