Drag racer eats the wall

When it comes to drag racing, crashes are inevitable and there is tons of "caught on tape" footage out there to browse. The following footage is unique, and features two viewpoints of the same accident giving us the ultimate in crash footage review. Watching closely, it appears that the entire wreck was caused by a crooked launch. When the vehicle takes it's first leap into the track, it appears to already be going sideways. An incorrect launch with a drag vehicle of this caliber will surely end in chaos. Watching the first person clip, pay special attention to the launch. 

Video content: drag racing crash caught on tape viewpoint #1

Did you see it? Immediately after the launch the car goes to the right, and then enters an uncontrollable fish tail into the wall. Watching the second clip of the inside view, we can see just how quickly the launch went bad. Within the first second off the line, the driver is already counter steering. Attempting to just drive through the incident cost this racer his car! If he had only let off the gas, things may have not been as catastrophic. Sitting on the side lines and commenting is totally different than sitting in the car, most of us probably would have reacted the same way.

Video content: drag racing crash caught on video viewpoint #2

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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