JDM and Euro tuners get washed bikini style

The world of JDM wouldn't be what it is today without the courteous help of the bikini car wash videos. Beautiful women and the hot cars that accompany them make for quite a scene. The bikini car wash has traditionally had a great track record when it comes to raising money. Whether they are raising money for a local charity, business, or performing pure marketing for the vehicles shown the bikini car wash is infamous for attracting a very targeted group of people. Time and time again the allure of women and cars will always win over both sexes as the spectacle is as rare as pleasurable.

A great way to throw a bikini car wash is to find a parking lot and business that is looking for exposure. Work out a deal with them to have the models wash cars for free. The amount of business this will attract for your company is unreal! Performance shops tired of struggling during tough economic times? This is a great way to enhance your bottom line and increase your customer base. Get a few hot cars and a few hot girls and just sit back and watch the magic! It is amazing the power of a bikini car wash.

The JDM bikini car wash shown below illustrates the power of hot women and and hot JDM vehicles. JDM's are known for their rarity and great ability to attract the fairer sex, just take a look at any car show and you'll see the power live in action. Sports cars as a whole are magical in their ways of attracting whimsical beauties of motorsport, this applies totally across the board. But with JDM and other imported vehicles, they still have that different glow about them that attracts a certain type of crowd. Depending on the crowd you're after, pick and choose your vehicles wisely! This goes for the business and the consumer, if you catch my drift.

Video content: JDM bikini car wash

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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