Mazda RX-7 wrecks at annual Pakistani street race

When you race, you run the risk of wrecking and possibly losing your life and that's a fact that most of us choose to live with. If we're good enough at building a safe vehicle and driving, we can delay the inevitable. At the recent Hamara Karachi race, a Mazda RX-7 was traveling at 220 km/h and wrecked into an oblivion of dust and car parts. Soon the medics show up, but by the looks of the wreck it's not going to be good. What really happened here?

The RX-7 driven by a known drifter in the area named "Ismael" was drifting on roads with poor conditions, not suitable for drifting and when he lost control and all chaos assumed the young Pakistani drifter. Starting to slide towards the crowd, spectators flee for fear of their lives. This is the problem with "road race" events, there is literally no safety protocol and the audience could possibly be hurt or killed. Special thanks to our friend in Pakistan "Salman P" we can get the inside scoop on what really happened. First, let's take a look at the overhead view.

Video content: Mazda RX-7 wrecked at Hamara Karachi race

Hamara Karachi race is part of the Hamara Karachi festival, a street party in Pakistan geared towards honoring Karachi, the largest seaport in the financial district of Pakistan. Hamara stands for "our" and Karachi is the city. This is a festival of celebrating the civil ownership of a vast and beautiful place, dedicated to those who make it just that. Within this festival, they have a race called the Hamara Karachi race. This race is a two kilometer race that starts in North Nazimabad town and involves a total of sixty drivers. Divided by classes of engine size, 1300cc and under in one class and up to 2000cc in another class.

Even though there is classes and a map, the race is still somewhat unorganized, and not ran by the most efficient racers or organizers out there and is still considered an unofficial race. Racers are allowed to enter this public drift without proper inspection, racing suspension, safety equipment, etc. This lack of proper sanctioning always leads to failure, no matter what type of racing you choose.

How bad could the conditions have been? Well it is rumored that a spot of wet mud was on the track which initially caused the vehicle to squirm and loose control, but we really don't know for sure. Wrecking in front of the Farooq E Azam mosque, this wreck could have killed dozens had lady luck not been present. If you've ever been to a drifting competition, you'll see that the roads and surfaces are inspected and cleaned thoroughly, as to prevent any unknown variation. Let this wreck be an example of what happens when an inexperienced drifter meets up with a high powered vehicle and an improperly prepared track. Chaos! Even though the wreck looks bad, Ismael was taken to the hospital and is okay and will be racing in the next big drifting event in April. The Hamara Karachi race ended shortly after this race, as oil was spread on the track causing completely unsuitable conditions.

Video content: Mazda RX-7 wrecked at Hamara Karachi race

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