Police t-bone nicely tuned Mitsubishi Galant

In the following clip provided by Access Press, a police cruiser was captured via dash cam crashing into a nicely modified Mitsubishi Galant. In an attempt to catch a speeding suspect, this cruiser broke the number one rule of creating more chaos then what they were trying to cure. Sometimes, it's just best to let them go; and this is totally one of them. Was the speeder he was pursuing really worth t-boning an innocent Galant? With modifications such as fancy wheels, window tint, plus more, who knows how much  money was in the trunk of that vehicle. There's a good chance there was a nice stereo system, and possibly custom interior. All of that is now lost due to the negligence of this police officer.Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

The Mitsubishi Galant is a fast car from the factory too, so we can't rule out the loss of performance modifications either. If you are the lucky owner of the Ralliart model, your Galant came with a V6 engine that had the ability to crank out a whopping 258 horsepower. Not bad for a stock power level from a "luxury" entry level sedan. With stock power levels this high, the Galant is on the elevated vehicle list for tuners. Tuning these luxury sport JDM cars is an art, you can combine performance and luxury into one affordable price that nearly all consumers love

So what really happened here? Is it the total fault of the police officer for failing to recognize the situation correctly before speeding off like a mad man, or did the Galant illegally pull out in front of an emergency vehicle with proper warning? I'll leave that up to you.  However, take into consideration the snapshot above showing the officer trying to miss the Galant. We've got to give him credit for that much. He really could have taken them out had he tried, so I would guess that the Galant is going to be at fault here.

Video content: Police crash into modified Mitsubishi Galant

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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