$1,000,000 FAIL! Sandy rags used to clean Ferrari Enzo

No, her name isn't Sandy Rags. When you wash a vehicle that is worth one million dollars, you might want to learn how to properly wash a vehicle before attempting to clean the vehicle. A million dollar fail occurred when this Ferrari Enzo owner decides to wash his exotic with just a brief spray of water and coarse rub down from a microfiber cloth that was sitting on the ground. Drenched with sand and dirt, the Enzo is scrubbed down maliciously and is practically sanded as it's washed. The grit and dirt particles trapped in the cloth emulate sand paper! What were these guys thinking? Bank accounts don't always indicate brain matter, and these guys are definitely lacking in one of these areas. My guess, it's not the bank account. Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

What is the proper way to wash a vehicle of such high dollar magnitude that reeks of exotic prestige? Well to start off with, a pressure sprayer would be a great tool. First spraying down the body to remove as much dirt as possible, a medium pressure rinse is recommended. Then, the vehicle should be covered in high quality soap such as Meguiars or Mothers soap products. The soap used creates a lubrication barrier and simultaneously lifts and removes the dirt from the various pours of the body. Using a high quality soap and rinse is the first step towards avoiding a horrific failure such as what's shown below.

Next, using a clean cloth or sponge, lightly wipe the soap and dirt. Followed by a rinse and wax, your vehicle should come out worlds better than million dollar fail below. While rinsing, pay special attention to how the water interacts with the paint surface. If it creates a sheet as it drips off, you need wax. If the water stays in droplets as it falls off, your wax is still good. Keeping a solid coat of high quality wax on the vehicle can help protect and prolong the life of your paint job. It's all in the wax yo! By the looks of those swirls in the clearcoat, I'd say this Ferrari hasn't been waxed since it left the factory.

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