Insanely customized Dodge Charger on 30's

There is nothing left on this car that is stock except the headlights, and even those may have been modified. When looking at this convertible Dodge Charger, many words come to mind. The first would be wow, second dude, and third would be awesome. Wow dude, awesome. Look at how much customization went into this vehicle! It is unreal the amount of wrench time one would have to perform in order to replicate this very unique Charger. Since Charger's don't come stock with a convertible, this one was custom cut and it shows on the doors unfortunately. Other than that, I can't see any other flaws with this vehicle. Amazing!

Taking a look at the Charger, a quick run down of customizations include fiberglass, LCD tv's, huge speakers, yellow candy paint, and even more custom interior work than you can imagine. There isn't one thing left on this vehicle that hasn't been cut up! Talk about going all out, this Dodge Charger on 30's is a totally sick representation of the donk muscle car movement. It's definitely an acquired taste, but I love it.

Out of all the modern donk sports car conversions that I've seen, this one takes the cake. Nothing even comes close to the chaos involved with this Charger. Think about all the time in the shop spent grinding, cutting, and modifying; it boggles the mind.

WARNING:The following clip contains some barely audible gangster rap music with lyrics that may be offensive to some viewers. Parental advisory, explicit lyrics; but totally worth seeing this Charger live in action.

Video content: Convertible Dodge Charger on 30's

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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