Girls kick ass at drifting!

When you think of the term "drift girls" you probably assume they are half dressed cheerleaders on the side of the track. If that's what you think, you had better guess again! Women are quickly entering and taking over the world of drifting in Japan, and it's only a matter of time before females get more involved in drifting in the USA. Who could be the next big USA star of drifting? It might just be a female, and I think I know who is going to do it. Do you think women will be better drifters? I do, and it's mainly because they have a better ability to multitask more logic with higher accuracy than men. But don't worry guys, our testosterone helps keep pushing us in the front despite fear and danger. That's our advantage card, and we play it well.

Watching the film below, we can get a good glimpse into the drifting world of Japan and how women are quickly entering and capturing the audience. There is something sexy about a woman drifter that can't be described, but you know what I'm taking about. Sliding sideways with the greatest of ease, these drifting women that we call driftee's! Just like all drifters, some of these girls wreck but that's to be expected in a sport that involves balancing a vehicle between control and chaos.

Think they have skills? Look at the precision of their drifting techniques and how they use their JDM legends with perfection. Vehicles like Nissan Skyline, Nissan 240sx and others can all be seen in the female drifting scene just as the male drifting scene. If you didn't know there was girls behind the wheel, you'd swear it was professional Formula D drifters and not amateur women drivers; they are that good! Hopefully we'll see more of female drifting here in the United States as the drifting movement continues to sweep the nation. Come on girls, get your drift on!

Video content: Drift girls that really drift!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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