The best tandem drift session ever!

Drifting is tough enough on a single vehicle basis, throw a second vehicle into the mix and you have borderline chaos called "tandem drifting". Drifting in tandem means that two vehicles drift the same plotted course as closely as possible, creating the illusion of being on the verge of an accident at all times. How can two vehicles slide sideways so closely with out wrecking? That is what tandem drifting is all about. It's a combination of precision and the driver's ability to push the limits without flinching. Sliding sideways into a corner at 80 mph has an unnatural feeling that is very hard to overcome.

When drifting in tandem like seen below, it takes months of practice and coordination of surgical precision. Sliding only feet and sometimes inches away from the other vehicle, both drivers must be aware of each others driving style in order to avoid an accident. One slip, and the show is over.

If you plan on tandem drifting, you had better do it with someone you trust and know very well. To coordinate something of this magnitude, only the best of the best will succeed. Special thanks to "Salman P" for suggesting this video!

Video content: the best tandem drifting

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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