Who 'really' jumped a rally car the furthest?

Back in the day, being a stuntman was the ultimate job to have. If you were a stuntman, you could go anywhere and do anything because these guys were so well known they were said to have walked on water. Today's superstars like Travis Pastrana and Ken Block do a great job of jumping rally cars, but the modern stunts of today are so much safer than the stunts of yore. Back then safety was minimal and jump engineering was barely a fraction of what we have today.

There is some controversy around the Gil Raconis jump and it involves the recently claimed "longest rally car jump" by Travis Pastrana. As reported by New York Times and myself, Travis set the world record for longest rally car jump at 269 feet. It was stated and thought that Ken Block held the previous record at just 171 feet. However, many are claiming that neither of them ever held the record and it's truly held by Frenchman Gil Raconis as he jumped his rally car an amazing 300 feet. This is the longest rally car jump debate.

I believe that the reason there is some discrepancy of who is the real record holder lies within the actual record's title and not the question if Raconis used an actual rally car. "Longest rally car jump" says nothing about landing it correctly, and this is where the argument begins. Supporters of Travis and Ken say that you must actually land the jump without wrecking in order for it to count as the world record. If you watch the footage, Travis technically "wrecked" into the boxes at the end of the barge as he was unable to stop within the allowed distance. Meanwhile, supporters of Gil Raconis are saying that it doesn't matter if you land it or not, a jump is a jump and nowhere in the title does it say it must be landed. If you live through the jump, that counts as many rally car jumps end in peril. So that brings up the question, who holds the real world record for longest rally car jump? Is it Travis, or Gil? Comment below.

Video content: Gil Raconis jumps rally car 300 feet

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