GM Test Track review

If you love fast cars and General Motors, you will love this ride. I decided to venture into the land many before me have gone on my own, as my wife and six year old daughter wanted nothing to do with the monotony of testing a vehicle's capability. As I walked in through the single rider entrance for a wait the fraction of a time as a group, I was immediately greeted by several figures and objects I could recognize. Being that I'm a grandson of a GM worker of almost 50 years, I spent a lot of time growing up and visiting the open houses of Marion, Indiana's GM metal fabrication facility. Even though this is a "test track", many of the patterns recognized in the actual factory itself can be seen in the test track center. This was a warm and welcomed greeting that I enthusiastically enjoyed prior to the actual ride.

After I was done waiting in line, I asked for a front row seat which the attendant promptly placed me in. While I was sitting in the car waiting to be launched, I noticed a very distinctive smell. The test track center has successfully replicated the smell found inside of the factory! I don't know how they replicated the oily metal smell, but they did it and it's perfect. Immediately upon the smell I was whisked back to multiple child hood memories of the facility tours in Marion. I must say they have done an excellent job in recreating the General Motors experience.

Now on to the fun stuff! The ride itself is okay, I think they could have done better at creating harder forces and faster speeds. Even though I think the speeds and forces are a little slow, you must look at where I'm coming from. I'm comparing this ride to what I've experienced in real life, which is three times as fast in top speed and much more dangerous providing a super adrenaline buzz. Going through multiple brake tests, curves, and a final shoot through a pseudo crash test into the vast outdoors is still a treat but just not what I expected. I didn't get that nerve shattering high we all love. I'm not saying that it sucks, because it is actually really fun! However, for those of us who are "experienced" in the trade of speed it's not what you would expect from a test track. Overall, it was a great experience and I'd gladly do it again just for the whole GM effect. I say job well done on making a family friendly experience with hint of adrenaline.

Video content: ride on GM Test Track at Epcot 2010

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