Drifter crashes into camera crew!

While recording a drifting event, an accident occurred and literally knocked out the camera guy. He lived through it and wasn't hurt badly, but the whole event was captured on tape. Taking a slide just a tad too quick, the drifter collided into the barrier which in-turn ran into the camera guy. Leaving him on the asphalt for a few seconds, he quickly regains consciousness and pops right back up. It looks like the safety barrier did it's job! There's a reason why these barriers are used, and it's to save lives. The beauty of the safety barrier is that it gives us media folks a safe feeling when sitting in the face of danger. If you've never experienced what it's like to capture motorsports content, it's a big rush. Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

Capturing motorsports footage isn't as easy as it looks. Everywhere there is a camera shot, there is typically a person blatantly holding the camera in the face of danger. It provides somewhat of a rush, and it takes a special thrill seeking individual to step up to the task. Just like what happened below, there is always a risk of injury or death while shooting dangerous footage. But just like in everything, to profit you must take risks.

Most shots can be captured from a safe distance, but to get the good ones you've just got to man up to the plate and be on your toes. Capturing a 3,000 pound object sliding on the verge of lost control is pretty gratifying. Making use of good mounts is a great way to get the angle you want without risking life and limb. A great tool of the modern motorsports journalist is the GoPro HD. This is a suction cup mount style camera that records with a semi wide angled lens. Capturing the footage from different angles is key to a great video. But no matter how hard you try to stay safe, sometimes things just go wrong!

Video content: Drifting accident knocks out camera guy

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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