Three mile 2010 Camaro parade

If you feel lucky seeing just one or two 2010 Camaro's in your local showroom, wait until you see a three mile long caravan of them traversing through Georgia. During the Camaro Fest 5 event in Valdosta, GA the world's record for longest 5th generation Camaro ride out was possibly set. Because there is no official record of a meet like this, it's very possible that this is the record setting run. These weren't just regular 2010 Camaros either, most of them are modified and custom built to the customer's liking. Everything from exterior, interior, to performance modifications was made readily available for viewing pleasure during this record breaking meet. Listen to that sweet rolling thunder! Discuss this article with

So what is it about the 2010 Camaro that is so astonishing? Everywhere these vehicles go they draw massive crowds. Could it be the timely placement of key marketing figures in pop culture movies? No, it's the fact that for as long as the Camaro has been around it's been known as the BA toy for gear heads. Even the first generation Camaro was a grandiose pony car of it's time; this tradition is carried over all the way into the current fifth generation.

Watching closely, you'll see that not all of these vehicles are fifth generation. That's okay, because at least 90 percent of them are. For just over four minutes, we get to enjoy the savory sounds of America's favorite sports car rolling down the interstate. A few folks goose the gas as they drive by, creating an almost euphoric sense of exuberance. I've seen some good meets in my day, but this 2010 Camaro meet totally takes the pie; American pie that is!

Video content: Three mile long line of 2010 Camaros

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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