Mom's jet-powered minivan

Soccer Moms gone wild is getting hotter by the second. With as much thrust as the van can handle, these soccer moms are pushing the limits of sanity! Powered by a helicopter jet engine, this is one minivan hopped up on combination of speeders and 'roids. Propulsion at this level requires a bit of insanity mixed with a lack of arsonphobia. Fastened to the chassis with a custom setup, it's mechanically amazing that the jets don't rip off and fly forward into the window and occupants. When it comes to fast minivans, this is one soccer mom bus that will never be late.

Video content: Soccer Moms gone wild on the 1/8 mile

The world of jet powered widgets and vehicles is vastly growing, mostly thanks to the backyard turbojet kits. This particular application is no backyard jet, but most make use of this simple and cheap way to create jet propulsion. By running propane through a standard automotive turbo and custom duct work, one can achieve enough thrust to move small vehicles with ease. One version was a jet powered Rascal mobility chair, of which reached a top speed of just under fifty miles per hour. Another concoction from the backyard of Dr. Frankenstien was a jet powered toilet; yes a toilet. Using jet propulsion to satisfy our wacky cravings of oddball speed is quickly spreading throughout the world of motorsports.

What is the future of whacked out experiments of speed? I'd personally love nothing more than to see a jet powered scooter, golf cart, or possibly john boat. The world of jet powering our transportation is growing quickly, but don't let it's growth fool you. Building pseudo jet machines is very dangerous, as you are dealing with explosive gases, extremely hot temperatures, and uncanny rotating speeds beyond 100,000 RPM. If anything goes wrong, there's a strong chance you'll die. If you are lucky, you'll just lose a limb or two. Tempting the folly of jet powered "whatever" is only for the budding mad scientists of the modern world.

Video content: Soccer Moms gone wild

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