Mr. Garrison's transportation machine in real ife!

Racing can occur when any two entities try to compete for a timed attempt to get from point A to point B in the fastest manner. Honda's new U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype is the future of interoffice travel, and possibly bring in a new form of racing. The beauty about inventive racing is that there is always no rules. Many of us don't consider the Smart cars, Tata Nano's, or other eco-equivalents to be viable for racing; but they are. No matter the vehicle, if there is two humans riding side by side you can almost guarantee a race is inevitable.

So is the office scooter the future of racing? Could the South Park character Mr. Garrison's transport vehicle become a miniaturized reality? Anything is possible with Honda. These are the people that brought us Asimo, VTEC, CBR's, and the infamous low budget racer CRX. They've also made lawn mowers too, but let's not confuse their small motors with the high performance scene. Despite the stigma around Honda's "ricer" status, they actually make a great performance engine that can take abuse. Everything from PVC pipe intakes to boosting untuned has been done on a Honda.

I can see a future of U3-X racing. Everyone is gathered around the office, all lined up on their scooters. As the next fax rolls in, the race begins! Around the water cooler, past the vending machines, and back to the fax machine as fast as possible. The beauty with these machines is that they'll allow Road Rash style fighting mid race. We'll see hitters, spitters, kickers, and everything between. Office scooter racing will be vulgar! The U3-X is not a sports car by definition, but if we can race it I'll write about it. I can't wait to see U3-X racing!

Video content: Is this the future of racing?

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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