Great car prank idea: the exploding engine trick

Car pranks are always fun to do, but being on the receiving end isn't always so jovial. The following car prank was caught on tape, and it involves a hot water bag, exhaust pressure, and an illusion of a dieing engine. Creating back pressure on the motor, the hot water bag fills up with exhaust gas while simultaneously causing a loss of power to the engine. How does this work? Look at an engine like a basic air pump, because that's really all it is. When you block the air from escaping, no more air can come in and thus stalling the pump. Same thing here, except the bag doesn't create enough pressure to kill the engine, only cause it to loose power. Discuss this article with
The following clip is actually both funny and genius at the same time. The prankster in this film must know a thing or two about engines, as he pushes the limit of self destruction and comedic folly without haste. First performing a test run and explaining how the prank works, we get an inside look at what is about to happen to our unsuspecting motorist. Hiding in the bushes with a camcorder, the prankster carefully records the prank in action. Sure enough, the engine starts to stall and then a few seconds later; boom! The dastardly deed is complete.

Is this actually safe for your engine? For the most part, your motor is very resilient but I wouldn't suggest doing this to a vehicle with advanced computer controls. The back pressure will probably set off a check engine light that you may have to visit the dealership to have removed, depending on your make and model. Avoid doing this prank on high end vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Volvo as these models will definitely require a few hundred dollar trip to the service bay. If you want to do a prank like this, make sure you have enough money to fix the engine should anything go wrong; because it just may!

Video content: Funny car prank caught on tape

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