Illegal drifting at night in Japan

The world of illegal street racing and illegal street drifting spans further that outside of the US borders. All the way in Japan, which is considered the home of drifting, we can still to this day find illegal street drifters playing and frolicking throughout the countryside of Japan. The mountain roads are very tight and full of twists, making it very difficult for anyone to drift. Sliding sideways under these conditions requires the utmost of concentration and skill otherwise the vehicle will surely fail. Even in the following video, these amateur Japanese drifters hit the wall a few times.

When it comes to aggressive drifting, nothing defies fear like pushing the drifting limit on a touge style road. Following the standardized drifting rules, the lead drifter comes within just feet of the shear rock faced cliff during a couple of drifts. At one point, he actually hits the dirt but keeps control of the drift! This is the ultimate in underground illegal street drifting, and of course it came from Japan.

Drifting actually started in Japan by a racer who used the slide technique to lower his lap times. Named Kunimitsu Takahashi, he is known as the drifting originator thanks to his work during the "All Japan Touring Car Championship" during the 1970's. From that point forward, drifting was born. Both legal and illegal forms of drifting exist, and the latter is always more exciting as it pushes the envelope of sanity and safety simultaneously. The following video is intense, keep an eye on your pulse during this clip.

Video content: Illegal street drifting in Japan

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