RWD Honda CRX hoonage

The Honda CRX is a front wheel drive vehicle from the factory, but with a little bit of modification it can be easily turned into a rear wheel drive donut monster! No more lame front wheel drive reverse donuts for this CRX, it has the full ability to perform a donut like the rest of the rear wheel drive "cool kids". The Honda CRX is one of the most highly desired Honda chassis due to it's extremely low weight, it's no wonder that it always falls victim to extreme modifications like Corvette engine swaps and rear wheel drive conversions. Special thanks to "Salman P" for suggesting this article.

To convert the Honda CRX to rear wheel drive, you can follow the simple FWD to RWD conversion process. Start by measuring your intended drive shaft lengths and the distance between your engine and rear axle. If your drive shaft fits, great; if not you'll need to either modify it or purchase a longer shaft. Next, you need to cut the center of the chassis open to make room for the drive shaft. Because front wheel drive vehicles don't have the typical drive shaft tunnel found in rear wheel drive vehicles, you'll need to cut and weld a custom tunnel through the center of the CRX.

Beyond the obvious conversion requirements, additional modifications need to be made to the engine, electrical system, fuel tanks, and suspension to accommodate the new drive train layout. If you want to keep the same CRX engine, you'll need to figure out a way to convert the lateral layout to longitudinal. Most people when they do these swaps just convert to standard rear wheel drive engine to make the swap much easier. An ideal engine would be a Corvette engine, as it has tons of power and torque for such a small chassis and comes stock with the longitudinal setup.

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