Drifter dominates roundabout in Dubai police colony

Alert! There is a bandit Skyline cyclops drifter loose in Dubai. Recently spotted in the Muhaisnah 4 Police Colony of Dubai, UAE, the bandit Skyline known only by it's distinctive use of a single headlight was caught on video drifting the main roundabout. Is it not pure insanity to open up the modified monster cyclops Skyline on the main intersection of the police district? Hello, coo coo's nest ahead. This driver is insane, but good. Keeping a constant whine of the tire with blips of throttle, the Skyline is a full functioning automotive fun fest.

Running the cyclops setup, it's safe to say that missing headlight is modified for the intake to attain fresh air. By the sound of those throttle blips as the Skyline drifts the roundabout, this car is definitely modified. The best thing about modifying the Skyline is the all-wheel drive, however it appears that the RWD mod been applied. Ideal for drifting, a RWD Skyline is nearly impossible to keep up with.

In a drifting competition, you're either leading or following. Either way, you need the response found in the Skyline chassis to bend the odds of winning to your favor. Even though the acclaimed "Godzilla" is mostly due to it's torque ridden all-wheel drive power train, by changing to rear wheel drive the vehicle is still plenty balanced to achieve a solid drift. The Nissan Skyline is a living legend and will never die, sliding a roundabout in the police district is the spirit that keeps Skyline alive!

Video content: Bandit Skyline cyclops drifter loose!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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