BMW M3 hoonage: 'Oh, a street drifting we will go!'

Outside of the JDM drifting world, the Euro selection would be next in line for ideal drifting vehicles. The BMW M3 is a great selection for someone who wants to enjoy a sport ride and not sacrifice luxury. A quick summation in one sentence does not do the BMW driving experience justice, but a video helps. Professional driver Shirley van der Lof had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a BMW E92 M3 and rip the streets up.

Who is behind the wheel? Shirley van der Lof is a female race car driver originally from the Netherlands. Where did she get her skills? Some would say from her grandfather, a formula one driving legend Dries van der Lof. Her goal is to become the first Dutch female formula one driver. With drifting skills behind the wheel of a BMW M3 such as portrayed, it's safe to assume her future is bright.

So what's the magic behind this video? Is it the screaming BMW sliding through the back roads of a populated city? Maybe it's the professional female driver behind the wheel torquing and twisting the BMW chassis around like second nature? Whatever strikes your fancy, this video is for sure a great anecdote for female advancement in motorsports. In the past few years, women have been quickly climbing to the poll position of nearly all facets of motorsports. Congratulations, keep up the good work.

Video content: BMW M3 street drifting

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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