FAIL: Dumbass in Dodge Viper wrecks into delivery van

The rear end collision caught on tape is one of the finest Dodge Viper wrecked scenes on the web today. Show boating for the following Impreza and the camera, the Viper decides to pull out into the right lane to accelerate for the smooth get away. This is when failure occurs! Not realizing that traffic was at a dead stop in that lane just feet ahead, the Viper slams on the brakes. Smoking tires and screeching to a halt for about 50 feet, the Viper simply can't fight the force of inertia. A white delivery van just happens to be in the braking distance for his acquired speed, and whammy; instant Viper rear end à la mode.

This could have been avoided if the Viper wasn't showing off for the camera guy in the Impreza. It is clearly illustrated through out the course of the film that the Viper felt intimidated by the two liter counterpart. That speaks highly of the Subaru! To make a monster ten cylinder feel like it has to show off to prove it's speed, now that is something for such a small displacement. This happens all too often to Impreza owners, sometimes it's just better to sit back and watch the show! Had the Impreza followed the Viper and commenced a street race, they both would have been wrecked. First the Viper into the van, and then the Impreza into the Viper. Try explaining that one to the authorities!

Video content: Dodge Viper wrecked caught on tape

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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