Corvette explodes while on NOS!

There is a reason why nitrous oxide is considered a dangerous gas! The Corvette nitrous explosion is a great example of why you shouldn't run nitrous. Sure you can get 50 to 100 extra horsepower from a quick shot, but is it really worth the risks? Even if you don't blow up your engine, the gas is harmful to the engine internals and over time will corrode them. Nitrous explosions happen frequently, all it takes is a leak and boom! Nitrous explosions typically happen as a result of a faulty hose, or leaky connection. If you are running nitrous, make sure each time you run your car that all lines are in tip top shape or face the consequences.

By using a shot of nitrous on the C6 Corvette, with a basic kit you can instantly add 35 to 200 whp. That is a big difference! But is it really worth the $900 price tag for the kit, plus the possibility of catching on fire like this Corvette? I must say no. I personally would never run any type of funny gas or liquid injection in my vehicles. If your current setup isn't powerful enough, go bigger.

There really isn't any reason to run these gases unless you are a lazy builder that doesn't want to seek power the correct way. Sure there gets to be a point when you can't modify for any more power; when that happens you need to seek the aid of an engineer to figure out other ways to improve your current setup. Many modifications can be made to the dynamics of the engine to improve overall power that most builders over look and skip directly to nitrous. If you are at this point, contact your local mechanical engineer and see what they have to say about your setup. You would be surprised what they come up with!

Video content: Corvette nitrous explosion.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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  1. That is a nitrous backfire...usually from fuel puddling. Nitrous is NOT flammable. And you really are showing your ignorance by saying someone is lazy by using it. It's the most practical power added...some people don't want to spend 15k on a set of heads, cam, and bored stroked bottom end. Not to mention al the other minor details that go along with doing that like severely decreased gas mileage and around town streetability...ever put a big cam in anything that uses vacuum to power the brakes? With Nitrous you retain all the stock characteristics and have power readily available. Nitrous can be set up to be just as safe as anything else out there.