Toyota Supra runs standing mile @ 243 mph

The world of automotive top speed has been turned upside down as the mid 1990's Supra built by Boost Logic claimed a speed very close to Bugatti Veyron territory. Sure it doesn't have the luxury you would expect from a Veyron, but at 243 miles per hour are you really going to be concentrating on plush leather, chrome trim, and fancy options? No. You are going to be concentrating on staying alive, and keeping the car from entering a death spin. JDM is back and it's laying the law when it comes to top speed. The 243 mph top speed run was completed at the Texas Mile this month and shook the JDM world by storm!

Video content: Dyno of the 243 mph Supra

Take one look under the hood of this monster and you will understand why it's capable of such high speed. The turbo inlet is huge, sucking in ample air to feed the fire breathing dragon within. This Toyota Supra is so fast that it needs a parachute to help slow it down! Using just brakes alone at these speeds won't work; they will simply overheat no matter how large the surface area. Sometimes, you just need a parachute!

This is the first time this car has approached this top speed realm, and is expected to break 250 mph this spring. Who needs a Veyron with a multi-million dollar price tag when you can build a 1990's JDM legend into a Veyron destroyer. I know I would much rather have a tweaked out super-Supra on the boost juice than any hoity-toity country club skipper. Move over Bugatti, JDM is stepping up the game!

Video content: 243 mph Toyota Supra

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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