Ferrari California framed out in gravel pit

A Ferrari California parading during a race ends up getting stuck in an out of bounds gravel pit. Slowly entering the point of no return, the Ferrari digs itself an early grave. Special thanks to facebook friend Fawaz Yono for bringing this video to our attention! A classic site of failure to go along with "Ferrari crashes into bulldozer", the Ferrari California is a vehicle of bad luck. This week more traffic has been generated on the internet from it's failures than overall accomplishments. Is this a cursed exotic stallion? At the rate we are going, it sure looks that way!

Video content: First view point of the stuck Ferrari

A classic example of what not to do with a Ferrari, entering a gravel pit with a rear wheel drive exotic is not the way to go. Sure it has traction control, but it is not a Subaru. The Ferrari quickly digs down into the gravel and slowly buries itself in shame. The crowded event starts to emit a loud sound of disenchantment as the Ferrari failure continues. The safety crew team shows up to help push the Ferrari out of the pit of despair, but it's still stuck. It's going to take the likes of a beastly tractor to remove this stuck horse.

The Ferrari California by no means is an off road vehicle. The gravel pit it entered is designed to slow cars down before running into the crowd. A thick layer of loose gravel allows the vehicles to dig and produce friction needed to stop. Most vehicles that enter the pit at 200+ mph still come to a complete stop, let alone a 10 mph crawl. I don't know what the driver was thinking, but it wasn't right!

Video content: Ferrari California stuck in gravel pit from second view point

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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