Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution eats bird at 180 mph

The poor little bird, he never saw this Evo coming! A Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution attempting a top speed run encounters a low flying bird and the result is a smashed windshield and a viral video! Not for the weak of heart, the following footage shows the death of a bird. If you are offended by such material, turn back now! It's amazing to see how well the windshield holds up against a decent sized bird hitting it at 180 mph. The weight and force of the bird at these speeds is phenomenal. The bird in the footage is hard to make it, but it's probably a sea gull. It's white and wide, so we will base our assumptions that the bird is "little gull" species.

Little gulls, or better known by it's binomial name Hydrocoloeus Minutus, are common birds found in the north east USA. The smallest of all gull species, this little guy weighs in at less than a pound. A typical low flyer of open spaces, it is no surprise this guy was found during this air strip run. The gulls see open black top areas and fly low thinking it is water. There was no water here, only a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution at wide open throttle attempting a high speed run. It's unfortunate when these things happen and as motorsport enthusiasts we need to do our best to protect wild life while excersizing our vehicles. For standing mile runs, it is best to have sonic bird defenders setup to avoid casualty and destruction from low flying birds! Rest in peace low flying Hydrocoloeus Minutus, you are gone but thanks to this video will never be forgotten!

Video content: bird hits windshield at 180 mph

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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