Maserati falls off forklift!

Workers not aware of gravity laws at an automotive lot decided to pick up a Maserati with a forklift and move it. Instead of rearranging the vehicles in the way of the Maserati, they thought it would be easier to just use the forklift. The workers try and lower the vehicle down, not realizing that the vehicle wasn't secure on the lift. The jerky downward action of the hydraulic lift moves the majority of weight past the fork resulting in catastrophic failure. How do you explain to the owner what happened? "Um...sorry?"

Even if the move was a success what about the exhaust, transmission, wiring, and chassis damage that would have occurred from improperly moving the vehicle? They are not designed to be hoisted up by a forklift. This is why vehicles have specific jacking points for service. If you place the weight of the vehicle on other points not reinforced by the manufacturer and labeled as jacking points, damage will occur. Some extreme cases may even cause dents in the body panels. Let this be a lesson to all yard owners who want to move a vehicle with a forklift! It's not worth it. Laziness is why this Maserati is out of commission and totaled thanks to being flipped on it's back like a stuck turtle. Warning: the following video is rated PG-13 for minimal foul language!

Video content: Maserati flipped during forklift accident

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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