Porsche 911 wrecks while trying to evade police

Police chase a Porsche 911 to the extent of near destruction. Bobbing and weaving like a boxing champ, the driver of the Porsche 911 pushes the limits of a police chase. Evading on exit ramps and then returning to the interstate, the police chase continues. Then out of nowhere, the Porsche is wrecked upon the re-entry of the interstate. Is he knocked out of commission? No! The Porsche and it's excellent engineering continues despite of extensive cosmetic damage. This footage shows us just how well a Porsche is built, and what kind of punishment it can take.

The chase carries on past 200 km/h regardless of exterior damage. Aerodynamics are affected, but not enough to render the Porsche useless at high speed. A hood flying up into the driver's vision only makes the Porsche go faster! Evading the police vehicle, this chase continues for almost five minutes. Dodging back off the interstate again only to return, the Porsche driver tries several evasion tactics but fails each time. He simply can't outrun a radio. No matter how fast your car is, the radio is always faster. Once police have your license plate, your caught. It's just a matter of time before they bring you in!

Video content: Police chase Porsche 911

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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