Ford Fiesta out corners Lamborghini

This is a very unusual comparison, but one of worthy note. Being that the Fiesta has a rich heritage and currently popular standing in rallycross, it's a great comparison to see the cheap against expensive. There's nothing more than I love to see an exotic get beat by a econobox. That being said, this Fiesta doesn't even come close to beating the Lamborghini in a speed race. However, if we were rallying through the cliffs of Mexico or South America, the Fiesta would be totally in the lead. I wouldn't even feel safe taking the Lamborghini through those paths, let alone trying to race it against a rally icon like the Fiesta.

During the 1979 Monte Carlo rally event, a British and German driver both entered using the Ford Fiesta. The vehicles were a complete rally build including upgraded suspension, LSD, rebuilt motor, chassis reinforcement, and other various electronics and mechanical wizardry used in 1970's rally. The Fiesta was known for it's exceptionally advanced traction and handling in ice and snow conditions, bringing a 9th position overall for their first season. They're no Subaru, but they're okay.

What made the Fiesta an ideal rally car was it's incredibly small chassis paired with a low cc engine that had the capability once modified to generate some serious power. The modern Fiesta still retains many traits of the classic Fiesta's that once rocked the trails of rallycross. The heritage can be clearly scene in the following clip, especially the small turning radius. Turning is everything in rallycross, if you can't turn you won't win; simple.

Video content: Ford Fiesta vs Lamborghini

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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