Sasquatch tries to sell a car!

Just when I thought I had seen everything, I came across this advertisement for Berlin City Auto Group. Located in the north east USA, they decided to make a mockery of big foot just like the insurance companies did with the cave man. The catch phrase for bringing the sandman into the same plot as the automotive buying experience is "car buying fun doesn't exist...But hey! They said I didn't exist either!" This has got to be the dumbest car commercial ever. Once you see how bad the acting is of the dude in the psuedo skunk ape costume, you'll completely understand. Discuss this article with

How far does the car sales folk have to go to push a ride? I've seen some crazy commercials that use porn stars, professional wrestlers, and screaming fat guys all in one nights pan through infomercial lane. This is like taking the term "attention getter" to the extreme. These guys aren't just selling cars, they're providing entertainment for the five split seconds you watch this feeble rhetoric. Don't watch it too long, it's been proven to make you dumber!

Out of pure fun, let's call this one the dumbest car commercial ever. By the way it's put together, assimilating two completely different subject matters, and pulls it off with a production budget of just one gorilla suit; I award thee "Dumbest Car Commercial Ever". Now had the gorilla went jungle on everyone and started pulling off tires and beating vehicles, that would have been much cooler and not so lame. Berlin City Auto Group, I encourage you to make Sasquatch a star!

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