Ford GT FAIL! Wrecked and driven through field

Who says you can't take a Ford GT off road? After flying over a hill and losing traction, this legendary track car quickly became another ditch drudging four by four. Sliding down the hill out of control, the Ford GT was finally stopped by a cement barrier located on the bad side of a crevasse. After being stunned for a little bit from impact, they just back the Ford GT out like nothing happened, and drive it through the field to get back on the track. This is one advantage to a rear mid-engine vehicle!

Most cars in this scenario would have been pretty much totaled in this kind of wreck. This footage speaks extremely high about the chassis of the Ford GT and it's resilience to impact. Technically, the Ford GT is a race car suited with emissions equipment to make it street legal. That means that the Ford GT's chassis is designed to take minimal to medium impacts and keep going; just as you would see a most race cars take a beating and keep on ticking.

What I like most about this video is that we get to see how well a Ford GT performs in an unusual terrain that it clearly was not designed for. Backing out of the ditch, I could almost have sworn this car was stuck! It just backed out, and just pushed right on through the field thanks to the engine sitting right on top of the drive tires. Who ever thought we would see a Ford GT blast through a field? That's $140k well spent.

Video content: Ford GT FAIL! Wrecked and driven through field

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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