Ferrari vs. Porsche: 200 mph tunnel race!

A tunnel run is exciting, dangerous, and very disastrous should something go wrong. Sure Mercedes-Benz took an SLS AMG and ran it upside down in a tunnel, but that was CGI. Racing at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour, these high dollar exotic supercars are showing us how the rich have fun. Several times throughout this video, they blast past innocent drivers at speeds that could easily kill them on impact should anything go wrong. If the crash turns into a pile up, good luck waiting for medics as you bleed to death unconsciously in your expensive supercar. Just because your rich doesn't mean the laws of physics don't apply to you.

Let's just say for example, a tire blows out and your car enters a slide at 180 mph. Can you drive out of this? What will you do? The answer is no, and the only thing you can do is strap in and hold on for the ride. Hopefully, there is medics waiting for you at the other end; oh yeah, you're street racing so there is no medics. Dude, you're toast! That's one of the most comforting things I find about track style racing; should anything go wrong there is medical teams onsite waiting to save your life. Sure this video is cool to watch, but stick with groups like the National Association for Legalized Street Racing (NALSR) and stay legal and safe. Staying legal is important, but safety rules all.

Video content: 200 mph Ferrari vs. Porsche tunnel race

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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