Ford Mustang uses Detroit as skatepark!

The video of a Ford Mustang skateboarding is either going to make you laugh or cheer. For Mustang fans, this is the ultimate statement in what we already know. For those on the other side of the fence, it's going to be a mockery fest of hearty laughs and finger pointing. Ford just made one billion dollars in the last quarter, so they need to spend it! What better way than to waste thousands of dollars on terrible CGI and show a Mustang ripping up the city with a bunch of skateboarders.Yes, the CGI is terrible.

Update: MTV's Fantasy Factory is doing this for real! Read about their skateboard Mustang here.

Driving down the side of buildings and performing stunts on city modern art, the Mustang apparently is now the most capable vehicle on the planet. Who needs all-wheel drive, green technology, or advanced electric drives! Ford stepped outside of hybrid and thought, let's just make the cars fly. No it's not real, don't try it at home. There is even a cool disclaimer explaining that the video contains CGI, as if we can't tell.

There is some good scenes in this movie too. First of all, the Mustang used is awesome. Tires ripping and exhaust screaming as it drifts and battles through the perils of urban skateboard heaven, the Mustang handles exceptionally well. It handles so well, it can stick to the walls and windows like Spider man! The overall impression on the web of this video is that it is great, or it is totally lame and a waste of money. Some even claim this wild film is nothing more than a publicity stunt to poke fun at Ken Block's viral video series Gymkhana. The difference between Ford and Ken is that Mr. Block actually makes cars fly in the real world, not on a computer.

Whether you like this video or hate it, it is fun to watch. Enjoy a snicker with a friend and talk about how lame it is, or better yet spread the love through email and share it on Facebook for your support of America's longest lasting sports car. Mustang's are awesome vehicles, but I have to agree that this is pushing the limits of cool. If the CGI was slightly better and it didn't resemble the early Godzilla series, it may have gotten more respect instead of laughs. Take a look at the YouTube comments and you will see for yourself. Great idea, but it just didn't work. Seriously, the sculpture jump looks like a matchbox flying off a counter top.

Video content: video of Ford Mustang skateboarding

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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