'Toyobaru' Toyota FT-86 races Nurburgring

The sounds of horizontally opposed symphony can be heard as the Toyota FT-86 screams through Nurburgring. Twists, bends, and hills are no competition for the Toyota FT-86 as it navigates Nurburgring with ease. Rear wheel drive and perfectly geared, the FT-86 is a Nurburgring domination waiting to be unleashed. This completely stock test mule spotted at the ring by FT86club.com tackles the course like a champ. What if it was modified and upgraded like most Subaru and Toyota competitors? The FT-86 may very well be the next autocross god with exceptional handling, performance, and definite appearance.

The exceptional handling and overall chassis design reminds me of the late 1980's Porsche 944. All the right weight in the right places, this vehicle just like the Porsche 944 could tackle corners at high speed and make good use of manageable nose plow. Pushing the limits in the FT-86 appears to be very comfortable as the chassis is predictable in response. Rear wheel drive provided by Toyota's Supra historical layout and flat engine from Subaru create an extremely low center of gravity and a vehicle with plenty of torque. With the chassis having the majority of the weight towards the rear, it appears as if the car is designed to be 100% perfectly balanced.

Pay special attention to how the vehicle reacts to various approach trajectories and turn cambers. Even in the most adverse turning environment, the FT-86 handles with grace. This type of handling is usually featured in high priced exotics but yet the Toyota-Subaru team has came up with a vehicle offering these qualities in an affordable package. The racing future is bright for the FT-86, hopefully we will see it have action in rally as well as autocross. Being rear-wheel drive, this is going to rock the classes and separate the mice from men.

Video content: Toyota FT-86 Nurburgring

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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