Is 'Angel Dot' the new Ken Block?

There is another competitor on the scene of Gymkhana that is finally worth talking about. "Angel Dot" from Ireland has released a video in similar fashion to the viral video series "Gymkhana and Gymkhana two" that drove Ken Block, DC Shoes, and Monster Energy Drinks tons of exposure. For the longest time there was no direct competition for Gymkhana videos. First there was the viral series, then the spoof, and now we have direct competition. Ireland is home to some of the best rally drivers that will never see WRC but are just as good if not better. Is Angel Dot Productions going follow the foot steps of Ken Block? By the looks of the video below, they just may!

Released November 17, 2009 this YouTube video is already at 22,000 views! Quickly gaining trend, this video is worthy of direct competition. Ken Block videos still hold the majority of view, but Angel Dot is off to a great start. According to most forums, Angel Dot and their driver is being named as a copy cat of Ken Block. However if Gymkhana is ever to be a mainstream sport, there must be competition.

I see this video as an invitation to a Gymkhana duel. So the question is, how will Ken Block respond? What will be the next Angel Dot video? These are questions everyone is asking as the buzz on the web continues to unfold the Angel Dot story.

Video content: Angel Dot's Gymkhana

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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