Dodge Challenger with 440 stroker and two superchargers

Listen to the girthy rumble of a twin supercharged, 440 stroker Dodge Challenger. A modern and retro design, the twin supercharged setup is taking late pony car performance to the next level. Thanks to a custom built hood to expose the twin pulleys, a powerful whine can be heard constantly. Mechanical symphony emitted by the superchargers breathing openly creates an excellent combination of cooling performance and curb appeal. With a supercharger for each cylinder bank, the friction created during compression will produce ample amounts of heat. With a custom setup such as twin supercharging, it's a good idea to take cooling into consideration.

Video content: twin supercharged 440 stroker introduction

Heavy modification and talented mechanical skill is what it takes to build a Challenger as well as RDP Motorsports. The innovation put into this vehicle in order to get twin superchargers to work is mind boggling! The next level would be to add turbochargers to the equation. A Nissan GT-R built in Japan featured a twin turbo twin supercharged system that made use of a similar yet more powerful setup. Imagine the GT-R setup on a 440 stroker! These high power forced induction builds are quickly spreading trend. What will be the next step for forced induction technology? If this Dodge Challenger and Nissan GT-R are any evidence of what is to come, maybe we can see OEM manufacturers take part. For now, we will have to build it ourselves!

Video content: twin supercharged Dodge Challenger burnout

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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