Highway FAIL: Maserati used to pull camper

Using an expensive exotic for abusive track time can be rough, but seeing a Maserati Gran Turismo used for pulling a camper is completely chaotic. Why use this expensive exotic Gran Turismo made by Maserati for pulling a camper? Obviously if the owner can afford a Maserati they could also afford an extra SUV. It is both absurd and amazing to see this sports car tugging along a full size camper. A pop-up camper I could understand, but this is the full sized version with solid walls. Weighing unloaded at 2200 pounds, the Fendt Saphir 410 Italian camper is actually toted quite nicely behind the esteemed Maserati. Everyone wants a Maserati, but not everyone wants one that has been used to pull a camper.

The problem with pulling a camper is that the Maserati was never designed for such a task. The connection point for the towing device must have been custom fabricated to the frame. That frame is going to overtime experience a deformity, literally ruining the vehicle. The gears and drive line will also experience exceptional amounts of strain from the tugging action of the extra weight. The rear suspension, brakes, steering, and all components in the drive line will experience additional wear and tear thanks to this heavy brute it's pulling along. Watch the following video for an example of what not to do with an expensive sports car!

Video content: Maserati Gran Turismo used for pulling camper

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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