Honda S2000 floats across river

The Honda S2000 is an amazing vehicle, but typically it's not used as a boat car to drive across a river. The following footage shows a standard S2000 being driven across a river as it's dubbed a psuedo "boat car". In order to do this, the air filter was removed from the inlet manifold thus raising the intake point high enough so that the engine wouldn't suck in water. It's amazing what a socket set, a flooded road, and some ingenuity can produce. Like a striped bass fighting the river, this S2000 completes the river pass at about one foot of water with ease! I would expect this from a Subaru, but not a Honda S2000. Discuss this article at

The Honda S2000 is a versatile vehicle that can be used for speedy daily commutes, drag racing, autocross, rallycross, drifting, and now apparently off road use as well. The rear wheel drive setup isn't exactly ideal for a riverbed cross, however the vehicle manages to keep traction and slowly troll through the water. If you plan on driving your S2000 across a river, you might want to take a few precautions as shown in the video.

First, get out and walk the river bed to check levels and terrain. If there is any big rocks or boulders, you should seek another path because your S2000 can easily get hung up. Check the current flow as well, if you can't stand in it then there's a chance your car won't hold traction and just float down stream to a soggy fail. Like the video states, you should also make sure your intake isn't sucking in water or you will face hydro-lock and totally ruin a perfectly good JDM engine. Overall, a S2000 river pass is not suggested but as seen below, it's possible.

Video content: Honda S2000 boat car drives across river

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