Idiot in Supra crashes into parked Mercedes-Benz

It's rare to see a Toyota Supra, let alone catch one on tape crashing into a Mercedes-Benz SL. The Supra must have been speeding, because it appears that he was sliding around a corner and just flat out lost control of the car. The Toyota Supra handles great, but when it slides it likes to counter slide back the opposite direction once it grips traction. This is why the Supra is not intended for beginner to medium class drivers, and is suggested that you try out entry level sports cars before attempting to tame the real Godzilla of JDM performance. Discuss this article with

When properly modified, the Toyota Supra can achieve in excess of 1,000 horsepower and run over thirty pounds of boost. With this much throbbing power, it's easy to see why an unskilled driver will quickly wreck and not be able to handle the vehicle. Starting out with something a little less powerful and resistant to rear end sway is the smart move to make. Sure if we can afford a Supra that's tricked out, we want to buy one. This isn't always the smartest idea though, and is probably the reason why this Supra is now a Mercedes-Benz Supra.

Watching the footage below, we can see the Supra attempt to correct the vehicle but it's just too late. Once the inertia is transferred, the vehicle is going that direction regardless of driver's instruction. Slamming on the brakes just moments before impact, the driver of the Supra surely realized that it was game over. What can we learn from this tragedy? One, the Toyota Supra is not a vehicle for beginner class drivers. Two, don't slide in congested cities.

Video content: Toyota Supra crashes into Mercedes-Benz SL

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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