Honda's Impossible Dream commercial

One of the most highly regarded, touching, empowering, and beautifully assembled commercials ever produced is known as "Honda's Impossible Dream". The idea of the commercial's impossible dream is the realization that Honda has made nearly every form of transportation we need on earth and more. Satisfying man's impossible dream of transportation, Honda's Impossible Dream commercial is a quick walk through of Honda's greatest moments, scientific achievements, and a brief glimpse into the future of what is to come. Featuring unique Honda vehicles such as HondaJet, CR-Z Hybrid Coupe, hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity, robot named ASIMO, and Honda's esteemed solar panel technology.

What company do you think will lead mankind blazing into the trails of our future with all the unique technology we need to survive and be efficient? Some would say major corporations like Google and Microsoft, but when you look at their core technology they can't possibly do it alone. The future of technology is going to be more than programming code, there must be a robotic entity or some form of hardware to make use of that code; and thus the need for a physical manufacturer with experience in various forms of tangible engineering.

Why is this commercial so successful? It creates feelings of joy and optimism while reinforcing Honda's corporate strength. Honda is making a very big statement with this commercial. In my opinion, Honda is trying to relate the message that they are here to stay, will keep producing products we love, and will lead us into the future with those products we dearly enjoy. Honda might not be your favorite manufacturer, and sure they might get jokes cracked about being "ricer burners". However, if you look around, you will quickly see that Honda and it's subsidiaries are a key ingredient to the modern world. Thank you Honda, the world loves your products.

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