Hoons take over California freeway

Freeway take overs are a popular display of the power of numbers. In a response to the recent article, "I-95 shut down by street racers" which took place on the east coast, the west coast has their response. Their response is much crazier too! They take shutting down freeways to a brand new level! Lining up their cars blocking all lanes of traffic including the shoulders, street racers out west show how a true interstate lock down for illegal street racing should be done. More than just racing up and down the street, they perform donuts in pure defiance of the law.

Special street racing groups like www.EvoStreetRacers.com are trying very much to stop these crazy antics, but can only do so much. The fact is that racers don't want to pay for track time that they will still be bound by rules regardless of how dangerous it is. The solution to this problem as suggested by a CarDomain.com user would be to shut down the freeways at certain times and let them have their fun. A sanctioned style event where a special part of the freeway shut down with proper safety personnel would reduce the dangers involved greatly!

Until modern rules are changed, this will never happen and the monotony will continue.  Let this be an example of what not to do, because after all it is illegal and innocent people do get killed from this crazy activity. This just goes to show us how out of control the problem is, and why stiff penalties such as crushing vehicles are taking place. Are these penalties right though? Is this not a problem caused by ignorance by both parties? Until both street racers and the government can actually sit down and talk this out, chaos will continue!

Video content: California freeway taken over by street racers

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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