Club 242 tours Jerusalem mountains

Club 242 is the leading automotive performance group in Israel. A recent meet brought the group together for a fun drive through the mountains of Jerusalem to a track named "Nas Ahrihm". Quickly speeding through the curvy mountain roads, Club 242 navigated the mountainous terrain with ease. Thanks to my friend and moderator of the Club 242 forum Zaklir-STI, we are able to go along with them on their trip via video and pictorial footage. See the slide show and video below to experience this trip!

The scenery is beautiful, and the roads were very curvy. A smooth paved road twisting through the mountains of Israel is a perfect place to let the vehicles of Club 242 perform. Their vehicles include modified compact, sport sedan, and other various types of sports cars. A treat to the senses, we are brought along for a ride in Zaklir-STI's Subaru Impreza WRX STi to experience just how fun the mountain roads of Jerusalem can be.

Jerusalem is a beautiful area full of picturesque scenes and a delight for the avid driver. Twisty roads, various cambers, and a broad mixture of up and down creates a very pleasurable yet challenging driving experience for all vehicle types. The all-wheel drive STi used in the film is exceptionally pleased with these conditions. By using Subaru's perfectly balanced engine, chassis, and drive train the vehicle can swiftly navigate corners in all types of terrain. Sand, asphalt, gravel, and rain can not stop the Subaru Impreza WRX STi.  Special thanks to Club 242 for sharing this amazing experience with us!

Video content: Club 242 races Jerusalem mountains
club 242.On board camera

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